Seafarin Saturday

Nautical activities and adventures of distant shores for the whole family! From making pirate battle rattles to sailor valentines, children are sure to dive into fun. Seafarin' Saturdays are held every Saturday in the MakerSpace inside the Museum from 1:30-3:30 p.m. All activities are free with admission. 

Seafarin' Saturday Schedule                 


February 9
Clothespin Fish:
Learn about the American shad and people's impact on them through a creative activity

February 16
Sailor Lucky Charms:
Create a narwhal tooth out of construction paper and learn about superstitions aboard ships.

February 23
Create Your Own Flag!:
Visitors will create their own flag using fabric and markers to understand the importance of flags and their history and usage.


March 2
Create a Canoe:
 Learn about this type of row boat and decorate your own!

March 9
Dazzle Camouflage:
Get an introduction to dazzle camouflage, an experimental method used in the Navy during WWI.

March 16
From the Porthole of a Submarine:
Using paper plates, replicate an image of the deep sea and imagine what can be seen through a porthole!

March 23
Make Your Own Viking Boat:
Ever wanted to sail like a Viking? Learn the significance of Viking culture and influence on boating. 

March 30
Plastic Bottle Submarine:
Make your own own submarine using a recyclable plastic bottle.