World War I: USS Olympia

Now Open

Though most famous as Commodore Dewey's flagship in the Spanish-American War, Cruiser Olympia served military and humanitarian roles in the U.S. Navy into the 1920s. 

Explore Cruiser Olympia's contributions during World War I in four chapters in this semi-permanent exhibit at Independence Seaport Museum: 

  • Coastal Defense protecting merchant shipping and patrolling the New England coastline. 
  • Interventionism in Northern Russia at the ports of Murmansk and Archangel.  
  • Humanitarianism & Peacekeeping efforts in the Adriatic Sea focused on the American Zone as part of the Allied effort. 
  • Unknown Soldier's transport home from the battlefields of France to Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, D.C. 

Rare historical mementos from several of Olympia's crewmembers will be on display, highlighting their experiences and reactions to the war including photographs, an engraved trombone, a diary, and a single dried flower from the solemn transport of the Unknown Soldier home to America in 1921.