Construction was completed in April 2016. 

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About Schooner Diligence of 1797

Schooners like Diligence played a vital role in the development of the early Navy toward defending American merchant ships from attacks by Britain, France and the Barbary pirates.

The schooner Diligence served in the West Indies Squadron under John Barry commanding the Frigate United States during the Quasi War with France. The Quasi War (1798-1800) began when America betrayed its friendship with France by being friendly with Britain, France's archenemy. The Diligence was designed and built by Joshua and Samuel Humphreys in Philadelphia in 1797 for the Revenue-Marine and immediately was transferred to the Navy.

Joshua Humphreys is regarded as a founder of the United States Navy as he was its first Master Constructor and designed the Frigate Constitution as well as the Frigate United States built at his Philadelphia yard in 1797.